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From the Blog Rivers and Roads by Patty Inwood

So much time is spent over the course of a life trying to figure out the biggest of the big questions: What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose or destiny? And maybe most important – Why is life worth living?

Loss grants you the answer to that question, the answer to all those questions, in that moment when breath leaves your loved one and a hole tears open in your heart. It is Love. To Love and Be Loved is the Why behind everything. Just love.

So might I suggest we take the time to lay in bed every morning and think about five people who love us? Maybe it’s your mom, your spouse, your Grandpa, Fido, or even Miss Patty. 🙂 And as we smile making our list, let’s then get up and make it our mission to show and tell five people how much we love them. Spread love like sunshine, like sparkles. Fill our days with HUGS, with Selflessness. What if we spent our whole lives making love our purpose? What a world it would be.

Love outlives us all.

Love is all we need. Xxx

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