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Grief Support

Group Meetings

Our four monthly meetings offer a safe space for you to come, and if you want, share the story of your loved one. We cry, laugh, listen and connect with others who have walked in your shoes and know exactly how you are feeling.

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Image by Wesley Tingey

Alternative Therapies

At Hope Lives Here we recognize the need for additional strategies to help you through and to carry you forward through your loss. Trauma sensitive yoga and webinars are examples of some of the events offered over the course of the year.

Hope Angels

Hope Angels are what we fondly call the volunteers who participate in our peer support program. Either through attending a group meeting or by asking via email, a Hope Angel connects with you individually for all those days in between meetings when you might be struggling. All our Angels have experienced their own loss and understand your journey.

Image by Kai Oberhäuser
Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Our Facebook page, with close to one thousand followers, provides daily inspiration to help you cope with the rise and fall of emotions after loss. We also offer a Private Facebook Page for those wanting to share their stories, struggles, and successes in a safe way. All members are vetted to ensure the integrity of the group.

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