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Original Post by Patty Inwood

It was a cold blustery night on Tuesday when we gathered on the hill to mourn the loss of a sweet boy. Eighth grade. Too young. I was literally shaking in my boots as I stood listening to the boy’s uncle speak about his love for his nephew. I was anxiously waiting for my own turn to speak. I had been asked to share words of hope, advice, comfort, and as difficult as I knew it would be, I could never say no to a grieving family or say no to anything involving the 01505. Boylston is my second home. I love their children and their families, and in turn, they have shown me such compassion and support, especially after Luke died. We are forever tied.

Ace Thompson was next in line. He was doing a beautiful job speaking to the boy’s joyful spirit and his incredible smile, and it was at just that moment that I looked over to the other side of the pavilion and saw the most amazing sight. It was three ladies – the grieving momma and two of her friends. The three of them were quite literally leaning together and holding each other up. The tallest supported the momma, who had her head on her friend’s shoulder and her arms wrapped around her friend’s waist. She looked so serene and at peace just then. The third friend, leaned in a similar fashion on the momma, her petite arms winding around both other ladies. It was if, entwined this way, together they could withstand anything the Universe threw at them. And hadn’t it just given them the worst? For me at that moment, they represented the power of friendship, of womankind, of strength. “We have got you!” It was a moment I will never forget.

So here’s what I need you to know: It was Day One this week in Boylston. A family we all love has lost their boy and now begins the long journey of living each day without him. So as I said that night – take a giant step forward. Lean in. We will lift them up and we will get them through. They need our stories about their boy, our notes of encouragement, our love. Lean in. Xxx

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