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The Last Weekend

Rivers and Road Blog by Patty Inwood


July 12, 2020

On Friday, April 10th, Luke took himself off the Addy and proceeded to have the most spectacular weekend. He smiled and laughed his way through the next few days, including what is now deemed a legendary party at Thad’s. It turned out that everyone Luke loved somehow was there, but hey, the Universe is tricky that way. My thoughts are… if you’re going to go out… isn’t this the way to do it? What does that quote say? Something to the effect of you wants to slide into heaven, totally exhausted yelling, “Holy Sh*t – What a ride!”? Mission accomplished. It does a momma good to think that Luke’s last weekend was with his friends doing all the things he loved.

When I decided I was going to write about the big party and those four days, I knew it wasn’t for me to tell the story – that it had to come from the lovelies. So I reached out – asking if they had anything suitable for the blog that they wouldn’t mind sharing. And only if they felt like it. I know what it is for me to revisit memories and I would never ask the kids to go there if they didn’t want to.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when all I received was the sound of crickets, lol. Since middle school, Luke and the lads had a motto that you never EVER tell your parents what is really going on in your world, and so it goes. ? I think you will agree with me that this is the way it should be. This larger than life long weekend, this beyond epic gathering, burned into their memories, but shared only between them.

So instead, today I leave you with a song. No, it is not a song to represent Luke and the boys because I can’t speak to that. It is a song that represents those unforgettable nights. You know the ones….because we have all had them. Where the vibe is just so incredible and you are looking around and thinking how amazing the night is and how happy you are and how people that aren’t there are going to wish they were there. The nights you talk about for the rest of your life when you get together with your friends or your buddies. I don’t think any of the kids could have possibly known that this was going to be their last with Luke… and one of those nights. Xxx

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